Sunday, November 30, 2008

What a great idea!

But have you seen yourself in a mirror?

I was reading the Lonely Planet Story earlier this month. It is a very interesting read and pretty inspirational for someone who loves to travel. I too should do something. But of course it cannot be a lifetime of travelling around. Something practical (but not the usual stuff), something that does not take more than two weeks (too risky to keep away from the office in this economic climate), something worth remembering (but no broken bones, no gun shot wounds and no frost bite). What could it be?

Why not a “coast to coast walk”?

“Cost to Coast” walk is a 308 kilometre walk across England starting at St Bees in Cumbria – the west coast of England, and ending at North Sea coast at Robin Hood's Bay - the east coast of England and can be done in two weeks (I guess by a healthy person!).

300 kilometre walk – I think time for some self evaluation. First – time to look at the mirror and take a deep breath. Dragging this 75kg body over 300 km - Ooomh - that is a risky move.

I like walking (and I hate running). I think could do 10 km in 2 hours. Needs to test out. Carried along my Nokia N95 and used the Sports tracker Beta software – Nokia says I walked 9.3 km (1:45) on Saturday and 12 km (1:53) on Sunday.

A long way to go – but it is a good start!!