Sunday, March 15, 2009

Coast to Coast Walk - Booked!

After much debate (mostly with myself) I have finally decided on my Coast to Coast walk dates. It will be a 14 day walk starting on 06th to 19th of August 2009. Add a couple of days in the front and back for the to and fro travel via London.

The flights have already been booked - thanks to the Singapore airlines frequent flyer points. But there are hefty surcharges - I wonder what are these anyway in these times of very low fuel prices? Surcharges simply looks like a way to promise free air miles to customers and then make them pay more money to use the "free" air miles. Anyway I have to say Singapore Airlines and its loyalty program is in a much better shape - airline miles in some carriers are worth nothing after they filed for bankruptcy!

The accommodation booking for the Coast to Coast Walk has already started. I have narrowed down to Sherpavan for accommodation booking and the daily baggage transfer. Hope the nice folks at Sherpavan will find some nice cosy accommodation for 15 days (14 day walk + 1 extra day at start point). I have indicated my preference as a mix and match of accommodations - Farm Houses, Pubs (hurray), and Bed and Breakfast places. This would be a wonderful chance to explore a variety of country side accommodations. But in reality, after a long day of walk (on some days up to 35 kilometres) one just needs a simple and clean place to stay.

Now there are no excuses - there is less than 5 months to prepare! Full steam ahead.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Review of A Northern Coast to Coast Walk by Terry Marsh




A Northern Cost to Coast Walk by Terry Marsh



One is good, two is better.

I finished reading the second book on the Coast to Coast walk.

This book, is diametrically opposite to Wainwright's Coast to Coast Walk book. Colour photos instead of black and white drawing, plain facts instead of facts mixed with dry humour, simplicity instead of enlightening experience (as simple as talking a route through the valley, instead of the hilltop) and printed like any standard book instead of hand written notes. To be exact this is a "practical book" with standard Ordnance Survey maps. The water proof plastic cover should come in handy in the wet English weather. However I will never know which book was more helpful during the walk until I walk!

One unique thing is that this book explains walking from west to east and vice versa. Following Wainwright's advice, most of the other books and article I read and browsed through only talks about the west to east walk making sure the sun and wind are hitting your back instead of your face. But I feel alternate views are always good for the non conformists.

The author, Terry Marsh, is introduced as a writer and photographer since 1980. And indeed he is a good photographer seeing all the nice pictures in the book. The appendices include some useful addresses, reference books and the like.

The usual full disclosures apply.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Autographed Post Card Competition - February 2009

Unfortunately there is no winner this month as none qualified the conditions set - i.e. (1) Be a subscriber and (2) Post at least one comment.

Any thoughts on how to change the competition welcome. What about a free give away of the Coast to Coast walk book each quarter?