Sunday, March 21, 2010

Universal Studios Singapore


Pictures from today’s visit of Universal Studios Singapore. Too much walking, too many rides and too tired to write any text!

P3210048 P3210066


P3210068 P3210339P3210069

Far Far Away:

P3210091 P3210099 P3210105 P3210117 P3210126

The Lost World:P3210130 P3210131 P3210135 P3210226P3210138


P3210156 P3210164 P3210167 P3210170 P3210183 P3210192 P3210195 P3210209 P3210215

Ancient Egypt:

P3210235  P3210269 P3210361P3210278

Battlestar Galactica:


New York/ Hollywood:

P3210301 P3210324 P3210327 P3210329    P3210379

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Pinnacle @ Duxton


Following are the pictures from a visit to Pinnacle @ Duxton, the tallest Housing Board flats in Singapore and a small stroll there.


The Sky Park on the 50th floor offers a 360 degree view of Singapore from the top. From the 50th floor you can see the Resorts World at Sentosa, The Keppel Ship Yard, Bukit Timah and even some Indonesian Islands.


One important thing, it costs S$5 for non-residents to go up and the number of Visitors per days is restricted to 200 a day. The website shows how many have already gone up this day!


You must have a CEPAS compliant EZLink card to “buy” a ticket (non, NETS card won’t work and Cash or Visa also does not work!). If you are lucky (like us) the security guards may have S$15 EZLink cards to sell (with S$10 loaded).


The view is magnificent and of course at S$5 it is cheaper than the Singapore flyer @ S$ 29/-, which we visited a few weeks back. You also get 60 minutes to see the skyline compared to the Singapore Flyer’s 30 minutes.


Still feels odd that one must pay to “visit” a HDB block. This is probably a first in Singapore. On the other hand if this fee wasn’t there the place would have been over crowded and the Pinnacle @ Duxton residents would have been fuming.


Few years down the line, with many tall HDB blocks the novelty may disappear and no fees would be required.


From the top you can see many older HDB blocks and you get an idea how far has HDB come in 50 years!


In summary, it is a nice way to spend a weekend morning.