Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Lost Railway Line

For many, an abandoned railway line in Singapore sounds quiet an unlikely thing. When I stumbled upon such a railway track I too was really surprised. I don't remember hearing about such a railway line ever.

The line starts near Clementi (at least that's where I found the start) and runs all the way to Jurong East – and goes over a bridge – which is still intact!

Here are some photos of that railway line and the bridge.






After the walk, I came back and did some research. Interesting to see that many have walked the same route and there is good information available online. So let me not repeat the words already spoken in the web, instead let me provide the links.



I have a suggestion – as a part of the upcoming Jurong/Lakeside revamp, this line should be developed into a children’s railway line. They will enjoy it a lot. After all the land, an old line etc. is already there. It will be very cost effective as well.

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