Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Walk in Taipei!

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In my view Taiwan, especially Taipei (I haven’t visited any place outside Taipei anyway!), is a very efficient and functional place.

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Roads are laid out like grids, most buildings are no architectural wonders – even Taipei 101 is just the tallest building (still) in the world.

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For a “walker” Taipei is an ideal place to walk. It is very unlikely one would get lost with even the rudimentary map reading skills – and I did not. Apart from the visit to the Xin Tian Temple and Xin Sheng Park, there are very few interesting aspects I came across during my walk.

Filled with burning incenses Xin Tian temple is a busy temple with hundreds of devotees offering their prayers at any time. 

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The Xin Sheng park, next to busy streets, seems to provide local residents a much appreciated recreational space and also acts as a green lungs to the city. A few interesting sculptures dot the park.

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One thing noticeable thing in Taipei is the large number of entrepreneurial activities by the locals. Even with dozens of multi-national chain stores around, they are still (tens of?) thousands of mom and pop shops in every nook and corner – especially the many that serves (supposed to be) delicious street food.

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Neon lit streets in the night seems to be the norm wherever one goes to North Asia – whether it is Shanghai or Hong Kong.  It is the same in Taipei as well.

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The moment you land to the moment you leave – you will notice the efficiency and the entrepreneurial spirit of the city. No wonder the latest cutting edge mobile phones, laptops and new technology gadgets all come from Taiwan.

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