Monday, August 3, 2009

Day T-2: Recap – Coast to Coast Walk Distances

Day 1 St. Bees to Ennerdale Bridge

22.5 km

Day 2 Ennerdale Bridge to Rosthwaite

22.5 km

Day 3 Rosthwaite to Grasmere

14.5 km

Day 4 Grasmere to Patterdale

13.0 km

Day 5 Patterdale to Shap

26.0 km

Day 6 Shap to Kirkby Stephen

32.5 km

Day 7 Kirkby Stephen to Keld

19.5 km

Day 8 Keld to Reeth

17.5 km

Day 9 Reeth to Richmond

16.5 km

Day 10 Richmond to Ingleby Cross

35.5 km

Day 11 Ingleby Cross to Clay Bank Top

20.0 km

Day 12 Clay Bank Top to Glaisdale

29.0 km

Day 13 Glaisdale to Littlebeck

13.0 km

Day 14 Littlebeck to Robin Hoods Bay

18.0 km

Total Coast to Coast walk

300 km

1 comment:

Peter Manners said...

And you can't play golf either.

Looking forward to hearing of your first proper days' walking.

Don't forget the Reeth pie shop; the only proper supplies for a stomp up Gunnerside