Monday, September 28, 2009

A much delayed update

Is this blog dead?

Far from it – at least that is what I believe myself.

First the good news…

Over a month back I completed the Coast to Coast walk. I was religiously updating the blog for many months before the walk and for the first few days during the walk. I was so committed that I carried my Netbook in my shoulder bag during the long walks even though the extra 1 kilo weight of the Netbook made the walk more difficult. 

Now the bad news (plural)…

As the walk got tough, I took longer and longer than expected to finish the walk each day. Even after starting at around 8:00 AM each day, the walk completed around 6:00 to 7:00 PM most days even though my hope and plan was to complete before 4:00PM! . After the walk each day there was barely enough time to have a quick dinner and a few pints of beer (correction - there is always time for beer) and just crash! I was too tired to blog! WiFi connectivity became harder and harder to obtain. Many villages did not even have mobile signals so WiFi was too much to ask. As soon as I reached back London, my Netbook crashed (it is a long story, details to follow). So I decided to continue updates after I am back in Singapore.

However I landed in Singapore in the middle of a house renovation/ house move. Things were so much tougher than I thought initially. And of course there were boxes, boxes and more boxes to be packed and moved. A month and a house move and a family emergency later, things have stabilized and I will start the updates next week.

Though my memory is not very good, I took notes, pictures and videos diligently throughout the walk. So I am hoping I can recreate the lengthy journey in finer details even though it has been a while since I completed the walk.

Updates start next week.

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