Sunday, January 24, 2010

Resorts World Sentosa – A View From Inside


Had a quick walk inside Resorts World Sentosa today. Here are some snaps. Except for the hotels, it is work in progress. Construction is happening all over the place. Might take a while before everything is ready.

However from the first look, Resorts World Sentosa is going to be wonderful place for a break when everything is ready.


The first surprise came in when the Sentosa staff waived off the $6 entrance fee for the Taxi we took, even tough we told him we are not guests at the hotel.

The taxi ride was very smooth. After turning to Sentosa neat Vivocity (still constructions are on going at the entrance) and going around Universal Studios, in a couple of minutes we were at Resorts World Sentosa. The taxi driver mentioned that he had been to an “induction” at Resorts World Sentosa, but seems to be lost momentarily when we drove in. However very clear signs all over the place and one is unlikely to get lost.


A very noticeable things is that the staff are all well trained and very friendly. Looks like Resorts World Sentosa has put a special emphasis on customer service (which is sort of very rare in Singapore). Thumbs up for that.


I was expecting a huge crowd at Resorts World Sentosa – after all it is just a week old. Surprisingly there was only a reasonable crowd – even Vivocity across the bay had a much bigger crows. When we entered Sentosa the parking display board said that 1,200 card parks are available! I am guessing everyone is waiting for the Universal Studios (and Casino's) to open before going into Resorts World Sentosa.

P1240152 P1240154 P1240156

The Casino is a couple of floors below the ground. One has to take two escalators down with surrounding illuminated with a futuristic blue and a series of TV screens showing colourful fishes swimming around. However just in front of the casino, there is natural light as well. There are electronic gates for the casino – never seen such an arrangements at other Casinos I have been to.


Even though constructions are all around the place, the four hotels that are open seems to be fully functional with hotel guests streaming in an out. The cafes and restaurants in the hotels are busy. Saw Minister Mah Bo Tan, Minister of National Development, at Resorts World Sentosa today.

P1240164 P1240165

A large number of high end shops are all around Resorts World Sentosa. Most well known brands are all there. Orchard Road is going to have serious competition. By the look of it, many of the shops are ready to open anytime. Few like Victoria Secret is already open.

P1240167 P1240174 P1240180

Many might want to wait until Chinese New Year to go and see Resorts World Sentosa. However my suggestion will be to go in and have a look before it gets too crowded and thus get a in-depth and relaxed view of the place.

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