Friday, June 5, 2009

Little India

There are certain things in life which a picture or even a video cannot capture. The sights, smell and sounds of Little India is one of them. 


Even after heavy “sterilization”, Little India still give you some clues on what Singapore was like in the earlier days - scenes that are fast disappearing from the Singapore landscape.

The “Little India walk” (my version, in fact most people’s version!), is a walk from Mustafa Shopping mall to Tekka Mall through narrow lanes besides packed shops selling everything Indian (and few non-Indian stuff).

Sights: There are hundreds of shops selling Indian spices, groceries, and a huge collection of saris, wood carvings, bangles, jewellery, books, cheap souvenirs and what not.

Smell: It is filled with scents of Indian food (North and South), spices, vegetables, jasmine garlands and even raw meat!

Sound: Temple chants, street side vendors inviting you to their shops (there are at least 3 “Cheapest Shop in Singapore” in this stretch), people bargaining (increasing this is becoming extinct), sound of Indian music blaring from music shops.


Little India offers so much to visitors and locals to see, hear, smell, taste and experience!

Here is my effort to catch Little India on video. The 9 minute 58 seconds long ( has a maximum of 10 minutes) Little India walk video is somewhat headache inducing because of the shaking of the hand held video camera.

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