Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Nokia N97 review: After One Week*

Likes: Nokia Music Store where I could download millions of songs (and I have downloaded thousands already)
Dislikes: Music store takes ages to load, terribly slow, poor search capabilities and frequently crash

Likes: Nokia Music Store where I was able to download wonderful long forgotten songs which I could not get anywhere else
Dislikes: Norton 360 antivirus thinking Nokia Music Store (or some component) of it as a Trojan.

Likes: Lock button on the phone to lock key board. The screen goes dark instantly saving battery.
Dislikes: The screen does not lighten up when it is unlocked. Lock again and unlock and it works fine

Likes: USB cable that can charge the battery and sync contents
Dislikes: Some times it does not charge the battery. Still haven’t found out the reason

Likes: Auto-sync between the computer and phone
Dislikes: Has to press OK twice to start this process

Likes: Voice recognition
Dislikes: Does not work with any reasonable accuracy

Likes: Handwriting recognition calculator
Dislikes: Nothing here, it works!

Likes: Pre-loaded with applications to grab news, stock quotes etc.
Dislikes: Dislikes – no way to measure or control data downloads

Likes: Nothing about Ovi store
Dislikes: Everything about Ovi store. When comparing with Android Marketplace, Windows Marketplace and Apple store, Ovi store is a disgrace

Likes: Able to play lots of music when going for a walk
Dislikes: No Sportstracker for N97

* Are the dislike due to a bug or is it a feature? Only time will tell!


Anonymous said...

Hi there,

The current 2.06 version of sports tracker on the website seems to be broken, but I'm using version 1.83 from here just fine on my N97 (despite what the website says, it really is 1.83). It even supports the touchscreen up and down swipes to move between the different screens.


Manoj Sugathan said...

Thanks. It worked in spite it crashing a few times.