Saturday, December 20, 2008

Bukit Gombak Trail: Gone Forever?

Today I thought I will blog about some sights which I captured a while back during my walks, which Singaporeans may never be able to see again.

Bukit Gombak trail extended from the Bukit Gombak Stadium next to Bukit Gombak MRT, uphill (Bukit Batok Town Park) and came out at the other end at Chu Lin Road, then on to Jalan Remaja, Hillview Avenue, Bukit Batok East Avenue 2 and finally back to Bukit Gombak. The last 4 are my own additions to make a circular track back to the starting point. One might not want to climb back and return to Bukit Gombak after going in one direction – it is too strenuous.

Unfortunately during last year’s heavy rain many parts of the trial collapsed and now an information board have setup which says “The trial is now permanently closed”. How sad!

I used to enjoy this trail – as it was never crowded and from the top of the hill you could have some great views.

Here are some pictures from the now defunct Bukit Gombak Trail and some nearby areas.

P1010167 (1) At the starting point of this trial is Little Guilin. A very quiet and enjoyable spot. This place is full of very "romantic" couples and some illegal (I guess) fishermen.

P1010020 (1)

Here is one of the local residents. I wonder what else is hidden in there.

P1012023 (1)

This is something I found in the trail when I took a slight deviation. Looks like this carved stone a part of a temple ruin.

P1010168 (1)

This a stretch of the very deserted Bukit Gombak trail.

P1010171 (1)

One of the magnificent views from the top – Guilin View Condominium reflected on the Guilin “Lake”.

P1010156 (1)

And this is Chu Lin road at the other end. With just landed houses and some child care centres this is a quiet part of Singapore.

Nature (9) (1)

An encounter at Jalan Remaja.

Nature (13) (1)

A very unique plant at Hillview Avenue.

Nature (16) (1)

There is also another nature park near Bukit Batok West Avenue which is now closed – the Greenwood park. Some of photos below are from there. Here are few shots from the hillside park which I took ages back!

An old well!

PA190026 (1)

A green snake!!

PA190033 (1)

And I never went there again. :)

Note: The above pictures were taken over a period of many years and some of them are 5+ years old.

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