Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Southern Ridges

And today I walked the "Southern Ridges". Starting at Harbour Front and all the way to Clementi - approximately 20 km in 4.5 hours.


It definitely is not the usual walk. With ups and downs, (almost) real forests, lonely roads and some stunning bridges it was a "real walk".





I could have done it in 3.5 hours and 18 km - but unfortunately I lost my direction a couple of times. The maps enabled N95 phone is a saviour (once you know that you have lost your way).

The start point is Harbour Front MRT station exit D.


The first phase is a steep climb - all the way up to Mount Faber.


On the way there are some very interesting and old colonial buildings. Things I never knew still existed in Singapore. One of them even had a (somewhat dirty) swimming pool.


After Jewel Box there is an interesting church - Danish Seaman's Church at 10 Pender Road.


And this is where I lost my way for the first time during this walk. Throughout the trial directions are written on the walking track - which is very nice. But because of this I did not see a big board that said take right here - and that too a real big and brightly coloured board! Instead I walked through a road which has no pedestrian walkway for about a kilometre downhill and then once I realized the mistake (realized I am heading to an expressway) all the way back uphill. Need to improve my navigation skills.

Then comes the Henderson Waves bridge. 75 meters above the sea level (N95 says 84 - not sure whom to trust!) it is one of the most unusual architecture icons you can see in Singapore.



After the bridge passing the old Alkaff Mansion comes Forest Walk.



Here you have an option to come back to earth


or continue to Alexandra Arch Bridge.


Then comes the "Hot Park", the gardening hub of Singapore.  Never been there before - looks a wonderful place, especially for kids as the place has a lot of playgrounds. There are also many glasshouses - but all seemed to be closed. 


A long walk and some climb later it is Canopy Walk at Kent Ridge.



From the Canopy walk you can see some some very unusual views of Singapore.


Reflections at Bukit Chandu is next ($2 entrance fee). After such a long walk a short break at the air conditioned environment at Bukit Chandu is a relief from the heat and humidity. Watched a 20 minute show there which had some great sound effects.



And now back to civilization to Science Park I. Felt strange walking there - not many people "hike" in Science Parks.

And then to NUH where there is a lot of (MRT) related constructions are going on.


And then to NUS


And finally 4+ hours later at Clementi!!

And winding up with the most "unusual shot of the day" - A car park with a battle tank!



Zachary said...

Thanks for viewing my blog and adding your comments!
We did indeed enjoy and cherish our moments in the Southern Ridge Trail ya?
You've got nice photos on the trail too!

Manoj Sugathan said...

Thank you