Saturday, December 6, 2008


Always have a plan. At least you then know how much behind you are.


So when do I do my coast to coast walk? Looking at other things in life which I have to do (like doing my job!) a good time would be between August and September 2009 or April – May 2010. Wow – what a long term planner am I!

Why is year end a bad time for this walk – it will be very cold and there would be some snow too (?) and days would be very short. Less time to enjoy - that’s not fun.

Why is mid-year a bad time for this walk – too many people walking. If I want to walk among lots of people I can do that in Raffles Place itself.

Why not April – May 2009 – There are other major things in life happening (which I will explain later). I also think I won’t be physically ready in another 4 months. I also must try a couple of short “long walks” before I attempt this – say a 50K walk over a weekend. This needs time to prepare.

Expanding Horizons:

It is strange I cannot find any good books of trekking, walking and hiking in any of the book stores in Singapore. I tried MPH, Borders etc. with no luck. As I couldn’t find any good books in the bookstores, I have downloaded (my first investment US$ 4.20 – I plan to keep track all my expenditures about this walk diligently) a chapter of “Walking in Britain” from the lonely planet website (Finding the whole book in the library for free later that day – Priceless!). I have also taken a few other books about trekking from the library and I am going through it now.

On a separate note...

I have covered 50Km over the past 5 walks.

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