Sunday, December 21, 2008

Bukit Gombak Trail: Gone Forever? Update

After my last post I managed to walk around Greenwood Park and Bukit Gombak Trail.

The long defunct Greenwood park, is now totally covered bushes and mostly hidden.

PC200004 (1)

PC200007 (1)

Here is the Bukit Gombak Trail closure notice.

PC200016_edited-1 (1)

Things look bleak for both the trail and park – but “Little Guilin” (aptly named so for its likeness to the actual Guilin in China) looks beautiful as ever.

PC200014 (1)

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rainfield61 said...

Hai, Cannot imagine there are still places like these in Singapore.

Good job to publish and share it.

Manoj Sugathan said...

Yes. Such places exist. Unfortunately the image of Singapore as an urban jungle lingers on.