Friday, January 2, 2009

First Month Review

Nokia’s advertisements say that “It's what computers have become”. How true. My N95 crashed twice like a computer during my last walk and the Nokia Sportstracker website considers my single walk a three!

In the first month, I had 15 walks and have covered a total distance 153 kilometres. For the Coast to Coast Walk, I have to walk twice the distance in half the number of walks (days). Still, personally I consider it as a great start considering the fact that (1) most of my walks are during weekends (2) my relative newness to long distance walks and (3) I managed to go for a holiday to Kerala, India (but did not walk much).

I am also setting a target of 200 kilometres for the month of January 2009. Hopefully it won't be like my last years New Year resolutions (what was it anyway?) :)

I conclude my New Year's first post by attaching some photos from my Kerala trip. It is a beautiful place - similar to Bali, but much better. However it is not very touristy - but tourist facilities are still minimum.


House boat in Astamudi Lake


Today's catch?


A toddy (coconut liquor) shop at the sea shore.


A cold bath on a warm day!


Rubber plantations.


Local Hindu temple.


Village walkway.


rainfield61 said...

As you gather more walking expereinces, you can consider climbing Mount Kinabalu. It is thrilling and adventurous. It will test your full limit. You can get some info on KK from my blog.

Manoj Sugathan said...

I had a look at your blog. It is interesting and I am inclined to do that - except the fact that one needs to wake at 2:30 AM. :)

But one day I might do it.

Thanks for your advice.