Saturday, January 24, 2009

Park Connector Network


Across an expressway, below an elevated MRT line, by the side of a canal, in between housing blocks – the Singapore Park Connector network is an intricate series of walkways and cycling routes across Singapore.



During my walks I have tried out some of the park connectors – Jurong, Jurong West, Bukit Batok, Chou Chu Kang and Ulu Pandan.


It is a wonderful idea allowing some great walks, especially in the late evening. The Park Connector network is growing rapidly - 300 kilometres of Park Connectors are expected to be completed by 2015. I am sure by then it will connect any two points in Singapore!


The only annoyance is that at certain parts of the Park Connector the walking and cycling routes (which is generally side by side) merges. It can be outright dangerous – especially if you are walking on such a stretch with your headphones on unaware of the cyclist speeding just behind you.




The Ulu Ulu, Ulu Pandan Park Connector


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