Tuesday, January 13, 2009

One Hot Park!

HortPark website describes itself as a "one-stop gardening hub that brings together gardening-related, recreational, educational, research and retail activities under one big canopy in a park setting". And indeed it is.



During my earlier Southern Ridges walk I strolled through HortPark. I thought HortPark was an interesting concept and I wanted to come back to spend some quality time there. And I did so last weekend along with my family.

Nestled between two other parks, Kent Ridge park the Alexandra Techno"park", and some "black and white" bungalows, this new park is a must see place for nature and garden lovers. But it is also different - some commercial element is there - so it is unlike any other gardens or parks you have seen.


Apart from these two categories of people, the other set of people who are enjoying the spot, at least when I was there, are wedding photographers. There are some very attractive spots for marriage photography there and these wedding photographers are having a jolly good time.


Another group of people who will enjoy these premises, but were present far a few in between, are kids. There are an enormous variety of play grounds, children's gardens, slides, climbs and what not to keep a child busy for hours!


P1100444    P1100445


And some other visitor worth mentioning...


Having worked in the area for a few years I can say that this place is not very accessible. With few buses plying the nearby route and with no MRT nearby, you will have to rely on taxi's, if you are not driving.

As a relatively new place, some amount of construction is going on - but nothing major to stop enjoying the premises, especially considering the fact that there is no admission fees (who says nothing is free in Singapore?).


As a true Singaporean establishment there is a small café and a full fledged restaurant in HortPark. There is also a Terrarium exhibition going on - and a dozen or so terrariums of wide variety displayed. To complete the offering there is a (plant) nursery as well - selling plants as well as all other garden related items.

An collection of photos taken at the HortPark is also exhibited at the entrance. And what more, free Internet via Wireless@SG is also available. A couple of people oblivious of the beautiful and peaceful surroundings are happily typing away in their PDA's (like some of us, who behaves the same, some times).

Overall an enjoyable concept and a nice place for an early morning or late afternoon visit.



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