Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Time Travel!

Is time travel possible? Can you go back in time to find how Singapore was 30 - 40 years back? I am not asking you to look at old photos in a museum, but be there physically. Yes it possible!

One such place is the Bukit Timah Railway Station.


The word “Railway Station” is a misnomer – no train stops here (at least officially). But yes, there is a very real railway station, few rail tracks, a full time person manning the station, and then… nothing much.


The Bukit Timah Railway Station is off the Bukit Timah/ Dunearn Road, closer to the Bukit Timah Plaza end, just next to the McDonalds (what a landmark!). It is easy to spot – just look at the very unusual bridge over the Bukit Timah road.


Though posh condominiums line up on both sides, the middle stretch the track passes and its surrounding looks as if it is forgotten by time.



Strangely taking photos of the station is prohibited!


I checked with the station master (there is only one staff there – so I am assuming he is the station master) and he refused permission to take photographs of the station, but kindly permitted to take photos of the rest. I really do not think apart from a very old two room building there is anything unusual or secretive about the place to have a no photography board.

There are also nearby stretches that looked as if it is from another time.



And finally this is what I managed to capture at the end of the walk. The kind Chinese gentleman agreed to be photographed with his vintage car.


For a few hours, it was time travel.

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